Alcohol delivery scam REVEALED: The latest way fraudsters are stealing YOUR money : Express.

A NEW scam involving a delivery of alcohol is fleecing people out of their entire savings.

Fraudsters have developed a new ploy to steal potentially thousands from unsuspecting victims after devising a new con involving a home delivery.

The crook allegedly phones the victims’ home, claiming to be from a delivery company and asking if the homeowner will be at home as they have a package.

Within an hour a ‘courier’ appears at the door with a basket of flowers and a bottle of wine, and says a card detailing who it is from will follow.

They then say they need a payment to prove an adult accepted the delivery as it contains alcohol.

The fraudster says it cannot be accepted in cash and must be done via credit or debit card to be traced, proving the person they delivered to was over 18.

Producing a hand-held card machine, they ask for a payment of £3.40, and the victims put their card and pin number into the machine.

They are provided with a receipt for the amount, but a couple days later they find their entire back account has been cleaned out and all their money gone.

Read More : Daily Express.


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