Attacker ‘known to MI5 for links to violent extremism’

WESTMINSTER attacker Khalid Masood was a “peripheral” figure known to MI5 over concerns about violent extremism, PM Theresa May told MPs yesterday.

The Kent-born man, 52, was previously known to security services but was “not part of the current intelligence picture” before he killed three people around the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

MI5 will face questions over its data to determine the perpetrator’s “motivation, preparation and associates.”

Ms May said there was “no prior intelligence” of his intent but security service officials will be questioned over what they knew about the assailant and decisions that were made when he first appeared on their radar.

Mr Masood had convictions for public order offences and assaults — including GBH and possession of offensive weapons.

MI5 has come under fire before for failing to prevent attacks by people it had previously investigated, including the July 7 bombings in 2005.


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