Gerard Coyne’s Unite leadership campaign is about removing Corbyn and nothing else

Let us be clear from the start. Support for Gerard Coyne’s campaign to lead Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union, Unite, has nothing to do with rescuing the union from a “clique” obsessed with “Westminster power games.” Nor are Coyne’s supporters concerned with better representing the interests of Unite’s 1.4 million members.

The driving force behind Coyne’s support is nothing less than an attack on Labour’s democratically elected leader Jeremy Corbyn. It is believed that by removing one of Corbyn’s closest and most powerful political allies, Len McCluskey, Corbyn can be further isolated.

If successful, this could help lay the groundwork for yet another coup attempt.

Coyne and his anti-Corbyn backers will deny this of course, but the evidence is overwhelming.

“Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are”

A lot can be learned about someone by their friends, and Coyne certainly has some disreputable supporters.

Throughout his mudslinging campaign, Coyne has relied heavily on the support of the Labour right. Indeed, the Tory organisations operating within the Labour Party – Labour First and Progress – have been actively campaigning on his behalf.




  1. It’s a fight to the death for control of the Labour party. The Blairites are very sore losers, and are throwing everything they’ve got at ousting McCluskey, hoping to isolate Jeremy Corbyn, who must be a man of steel, he has taken a hammering, but still carries on regardless.

    I’m in two minds who to vote for at the next election. On the one hand, I don’t want to vote for my MP, as she is one of the front-benchers who resigned, and then campaigned for Owen Smith, but I really want Corbyn to win and wipe the smirk off everyone’s face.

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