Pensions report ‘wrong answers to right question’

PENSIONERS attacked a report yesterday that recommends an increased state pension age and scrapping of the triple lock for “asking the right questions but coming up with the wrong answers.”

Former CBI director general John Cridland, who had been appointed by the government last year to conduct an independent review of the state pension age, called for a planned rise in the pension age to be brought forward by seven years.

This would mean an increase from 67 to 68 between 2037 and 2039. Mr Cridland claimed that this would provide “intergenerational fairness” while improving the sustainability of the state pension, which currently costs the government £100 billion a year.

But experts warned that it would mean people currently in their thirties working until the age of 70.

Mr Cridland also recommended that the so-called triple lock, which ensures that the state pension increases in line with inflation, earnings or 2.5 per cent, whichever is highest, be scrapped during the next parliament.

The government has only pledged to maintain the lock up to 2020.

National Pensioners Convention general secretary Jan Shortt said Mr Cridland had asked the right questions but proposed the wrong answers.




  1. There’s a fair chance that a lot of poorer people, and manual workers will die before they ever reach pension age, which is music to the ears of our never elected leaders. As usual, the rich, who tend to live longer anyway, will almost certainly live to collect their pensions.

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  2. You’re not wrong with that assumption Linda. Us low life’s will hardly get to see our pensions, as a huge majority of us will be dead before we get to that ripe old age.

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    1. Sorry for your reply being held for moderation Shadow, all first comments are held for approval to prevent spammers. That won’t happen again.
      You are right, they don’t want us to get a pension just pay for it and then quietly expire, before collection…


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