Council tax SCAM WARNING: Bogus emails offering rebates and discounts should be deleted : Express.

BOGUS letters telling citizens they are entitled to a council tax refund or discounts off their next bill should be ignored, councils across the UK have warned.


Letterboxes are twitching as millions of council tax bills have landed with a thud on the doormats of homes up and down the country in the past few weeks.

And the offer of a council tax re-banding, reduction in monthly payments or even the elusive rebate could sound very enticing to those households trying to keep an eye on the pennies.

Woman opens council tax billGETTY

Council tax bills have landed with a thud on the doormats of homes up and down the UK

But council trading standards officials are warning citizens to watch out for dodgy letters and emails informing them they could be making savings – in exchange for a small fee.

One scam currently in operation in Somerset asks for you to confirm your bank details in an email to receive a refund for your previous year’s Council Tax bill.

The email even gives a telephone number to call for advice – which is a direct line to the Council Tax Team at Oldham Council, making it appear even more genuine.

But once the con artists have hoodwinked their victim, they reveal the target will have to pay a small “administration fee” of anything between £60 and £350 to get their hands on the cash.

Then, when the payment is cleared, all contact is ceased.

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    1. A Grimsby woman who says she missed her council tax payment by one day because she was in hospital undergoing radiotherapy on the payment date received a court summons from the council – for £10 they claimed she owed.

      But cancer sufferer Rose Forrester, 57, of Sutcliffe Avenue, had already paid the £10, albeit a day late because she had been in hospital.


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      1. They insist that the installments are paid on first of the month. I have argued the toss with them on many occasions that people have varying pay days, whether on benefits or working, and that allowances should be made, but they refuse to budge.

        When I worked for the council, they paid me on the 15th of each month, but wanted their council tax money paid on the 1st, and they couldn’t see the irony when I pointed it out.

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