How do you feel about your taxes being used like this? : AAV


The degrading, dehumanising and discriminatory Tory Work Capacity Assessment regime for disabled people costs far more money to administer than it will ever be able to save in reduced benefits payments.

The astoundingly counterproductive* Tory sanctions regime against unemployed people costs way more to administer than it will ever save in reduced benefits payments.

This means that the Tories are actually using your taxes to subsidise their ideologically driven abuse of the poorest and most vulnerable in society. There’s really no other explanation. The Tory party has gone on and on for years about the importance of austerity and saving money, but here they are wasting huge sums of taxpayers’ money to subsidise their malicious punishment regimes for the poor and the disabled.

The response of any decent human being who is capable of basic empathy should be to object.

The response of anyone who cares about how their taxes are actually spent should be to object.

However the response of any selfish “I’m alright Jack” Tory will almost certainly be to make excuses, weave bizarre justification narratives for this wasteful spending, or simply to outright deny the reality of what’s going on.

If you do want to object you can do a few things:

  • You could share this article on social media so other people can learn the truth about the sickening way the Tories are wasting our tax money on such appalling schemes.
  • You could follow disability campaign pages like DPAC and Black Triangle to get a better idea of the appalling way in which disabled people are treated in the UK.
  • Perhaps more importantly you should consider writing to your local MP to ask them whether they approve of our taxes being spent like this, and if they don’t, what they are doing to oppose malicious Tory schemes like sanctions and the WCA regime.


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  1. That’s what the Tory and New Labour budding MPs were told at the doors over the years when out canvassing.

    Well so they claim they were told. And passed it on to the MSM to exploit.


    We are sick fed up with scroungers getting every benefit going, allowing them to go on holidays abroad, and to buy new 50 inch Plasma and LED Televisions, smoking 50 fags a day, and downing bottles of vodka with one hand whilst with the other hand on the phone ordering a carry out from the local Chinese takeaway.

    If everyone in Britain is hearing outright lies like that – via the Daily Mail, Express, Sun etc – about people who are on the breadline, then what chance has anyone who claims benefits got ?.

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