JustGiving REFUSES to waive £30,000 fee on fund raised for family of hero PC Keith Palmer : EXPRESS

JUSTGIVING, the website running a fundraising campaign for the family of murdered policeman PC Keith Palmer is set to bag £30,000 after refusing to waive its 5 per cent fee.

The fundraising page set up on the site by the Metropolitan Police Federation raised more than £600,000 within 24 hours of being set up.

This means that the site, which pocketed 5p on every pound donated, is likely to receive around £30,000 in administration fees.

Despite the site donating £10,000 to the fund when it was launched, it still means the company makes a hefty £20,000 profit.

So far, more than 30,000 people have donated to the appeal, leaving moving tributes to the policeman who was fatally stabbed in the ground of Parliament during the London attack on Wednesday.

One donor, who gave £30, wrote: “You gave your life serving your country and its people. I am one person in a sea of grateful individuals”.

Another, who gave £20, said simply: “Deepest sympathy”.

A third donor, who offered £10 to the fund, wrote: “Condolences”.



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