So, Labour are unelectable? The powerhouse of London appears to disagree : EVOLVE POLITICS

Across the country, more than a few media pundit’s pants are on fire.

Having spent the best part of two years and incalculable media resources brainwashing the British public, deluging them with stories depicting Jeremy Corbyn as a complete loser and some kind of Marxist anti-christ, it seems the wide-reaching and effectual Tory/MSM bluff might be coming undone.

Despite the relentless slurs and damning polling forecasts, all the snide mockery in the House of Commons, all the suggestions he and his party are broken and unelectable, Corbyn’s party have just achieved nothing less than an historic win at the very centre of our nation’s powerhouse and financial hub, the City of London. At possibly the most critical time in our nation’s modern history.

Labour won five of the eight seats it contested on the affluent council, which is traditionally made up of independent, supposedly non-party-affiliated candidates.

According to Reuters:

“Britain’s main opposition party, lagging far behind the Conservatives in national opinion under its current leader, veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn, has had its best ballot box result in the City ever, after fielding eight candidates for the lower house of the local authority’s two-chamber council.”

At the time of writing, Reuters are the only outlet to have even covered this landmark news, other than the little known, and somewhat specialist publication, CityA.M.




  1. This is all over Facebook and Twitter, so people are aware. The media are just confirming what we already know, they are completely biased, and only dance to the tune of their Tory paymasters. It makes a mockery of the ‘impartial’ BBC, who are happy to take money from Labour supporters, by way of their licence fee, but not happy to accurately and truthfully deliver the news to them.

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