JustGiving takes over terror victim fundraising page amid fraud concerns : TELEGRAPH

Candle lights on Westminster Bridge

A fundraising page for a Westminster terror attack victim has been taken over by JustGiving amid fears it was set up by a fraudster.

Concerns were raised about the fund that was set up to raise money for the family of Aysha Frade.

The 43-year-old was mowed down when killer Khalid Masood drove a 4×4 into crowds of unsuspecting pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

Donations for the language teacher started to pour in soon after her identity was revealed.

But well-wishers who googled Elisia Evetts – the listed admin for the site – discovered someone with the same name had been convicted of fraud in 2013.

JustGiving – which has come under fire for taking a 5% fee from each donation – also discovered the account username had been changed a number of times since it was first set up.

On Saturday morning the page for Ms Frade had raised more than £15,000.

After the attack a number of fundraising pages were quickly set up to raise money for the families of a number of the victims.

Multiple funds have been set up to help the loved ones of Pc Keith Palmer who was stabbed outside Parliament.

The Metropolitan Police Federation launched an official JustGiving memorial page at 9.13am on Thursday, which had reached more £679,000 before 9am on Saturday.





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