Lawyer who led Iraq veterans ‘witch hunt’ failed to convince tribunal he was too unwell and poor to turn up : TELEGRAPH

Phil Shiner outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London

The disgraced lawyer who led the witch hunt against Iraq war veterans failed to convince a disciplinary tribunal that he was too unwell to attend, it has been revealed.

Phil Shiner was struck off the solicitor roll after pursuing a decade-long “witch hunt” against innocent British soldiers in Iraq which prompted a failed £100m taxpayer-funded investigation into allegations of abuse and torture of Iraqis.

A 78-page document released this week reveals how the 60-year-old dodged his hearing by appearing to embellish his financial difficulties and health.

“The tribunal was not satisfied that the respondent was too unwell to attend or unfit to participate,” wrote panel chairwoman Nicola Lucking.

Mr Shiner and Shami Chakrabarti, then of pressure group Liberty, in 2008
Mr Shiner and Shami Chakrabarti, then of pressure group Liberty, in 2008 Credit: Katie Collins/PA

“Not only did the medical evidence not support the respondent’s assertion, it tended to point in the other direction.”

The report wrote how Mr Shiner handed the panel a letter from his GP, dated in December, and a second from January, which simply read: “He remains unfit to perform any form of work.”

But Ms Lucking said the January letter, which made no reference to the legal proceedings and was not addressed to the tribunal, “did not go into sufficient detail”.



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  1. The worst type of Mercanery PARASITE…Trading on peoples misery.


    The tribunal heard he paid a local agent £500 for each Iraqi he could find with allegations against troops, and then made £1.6 million in an improper deal to carve up the profits.


    Basically he’s a criminal.

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