You don’t have to be pro-EU to be worried about the Tory Brexit shambles : AAV

Ever since David Cameron’s ridiculously rushed EU referendum debate last year I’ve faced near constant accusations that because I have serious concerns about the social and economic damage of a shambolic Tory Brexit, that I must therefore be pro-EU.

The regularity of these kinds of accusations just go to show how absolutist “black vs white” political tribalism is incredibly popular these days.

An awful lot of people simply don’t want political commentators with nuanced opinions. They want political commentators who either comfort them by reinforcing their own opinions, or political commentators who they can hate for contradicting their beliefs.

Since I’ve been doing Another Angry Voice I’ve probably written more critical analysis of the EU than 99% of Brexit supporters, yet an awful lot of Brexiters hate me and crudely traduce my work as pro-EU because I’m unwilling to share their blind optimism about a Brexit administered by a bunch of brazen incompetents like Theresa May, the disgraced Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, and David Davis (a man who was recently described by an AAV reader as “a walking facepalm”).

My position on Brexit has been consistent since well before the referendum. The EU undeniably has a lot of faults (like all major institutions do), but quitting and giving the hard-right fringe of the Tory party the opportunity to redesign the UK according to their completely bonkers ideology was always going to be a classic case of out of the frying pan, into the fire, especially for the poorer regions that benefit so much from EU Structural Adjustment Funds.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how many times a person tries to explain that you don’t have to be rabidly pro-EU to have concerns about the absolute shambles the Tories are making of Brexit, the baying Brexiter enforced optimism mob will always try to shout them down as “traitor”, “sore loser”, “whinger”, “pro-EU”“remoaner”




  1. Leave the EU but keep free trade, to have your cake and eat it. The method? threaten removal of EU citizens, the problem? Business needs its slave labour and the Conservative party would destroy itself from the inside.

    Method two? Threaten noncompliance on security with the EU, the UK with its years of refining its spying infrastructure is the linchpin of the brain drainers and propaganda brigade, the problem? The EU has now stated the want the negotiations to take part in two parts first they want agreement on EU citizens and security and when an agreement is met and only then will they negotiate on trade.

    They are all still hoping to make us rejoin the EU but we never will. The EU can and never will give us a special deal or membership of the club is worthless.

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    1. It doesn’t really matter if we leave or not, it’s not going to make one iota of difference to us…BUT by not leaving, if people see that MAY is just lying her head off, then WE have a good chance of getting rid of them at the next election.

      As far as I’m concerned, that’s what I care about the most, let them dig a big giant hole with no way out, just give these Tories enough rope etc.

      Nature will take care of the rest.

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  2. Ah everything will be fine Fallon is talkng on the BBC ‘news’ from the US showing how well he can lick NATO’s ass and spend more money on weapons and ‘extend its presence in Europe’. When the US collapses we will get dragged down too, idiots.

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