Half of £2bn boost for NHS ‘spent outside health service’ : THE GUARDIAN

Extra £100m spent on external providers in 2015/16 shows NHS cannot cope with rising demand, FT research suggests

Health chiefs spent about half of the £2bn of extra cash allocated in George Osborne’s pre-2015 election autumn statement on buying care from private and other non-NHS providers, an analysis has shown.

The Health Foundation research for the Financial Times showed £901m was spent on buying services from outside the health service in 2015/16 for care provided free at the point of use for NHS patients. It compared with £800m spent on purchasing the same kind of care from NHS trusts.

In his 2014 autumn statement, the former chancellor described the money for NHS England as a “down-payment on the NHS’s own plan” and said it would go towards frontline services.

The report also found that £1 in every £8 of local commissioners’ budgets in England is now spent on care provided by non-NHS organisations. The Health Foundation said the figures showed NHS providers have not had the capacity to deal with rising demand.

Anita Charlesworth, director of research and economics at the Health Foundation, said: “Rising demand for emergency care meant that NHS providers haven’t had the capacity to deliver planned care and patients had to be diverted outside the NHS. NHS hospitals were left squeezed by sharply rising drug and staff costs with little additional funding. The result was big deficits that had to be covered by raids on investment budgets.




  1. People like this Laurence Johnson (commenting in the Guardian) just haven’t got a clue.

    john 23480 puts him right though.


    Laurence Johnson
    3h ago

    Surely the answer is for everyone to go private and they can themselves decide on the level of service they wish to have ?

    fridgeraider Laurence Johnson
    2h ago

    Yeah, if you want children with leukaemia to die if their parents aren’t rich.

    Laurence Johnson fridgeraider
    2h ago

    Why would they need to be rich ?
    Most families with both couples working are paying a fortune in NIC contributions, let alone what the employer is also paying on their behalf.

    johnr23480 Laurence Johnson
    2h ago

    You have no idea what you are talking about. The cost for private health insurance in the US for a 50 year old is approximately $3000.00 per month. So before you spout utter rubbish check your facts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 36,000 Dollars a Year ?.

    28,692.00 British Pounds per year.

    So that there’s no mistake or misunderstanding (If john23480 is right) that’s Twenty eight thousand, six hundred and eighty two pounds per year at today’s exchange rate, for Private health insurance in the United States.

    Liked by 1 person

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