McCluskey demands end to ‘shameful campaign of smears’ : MORNING STAR

Monday 27th

UNITE leader Len McCluskey demanded yesterday an end to a “shameful” campaign of “smears and lies” from Blairites hell-bent on discrediting the left.

Mr McCluskey, who is fighting for re-election as the union’s general secretary against right-winger Gerald Coyne, a long-time ally of deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, denied that he or any of his staff met Momentum founder Jon Lansman to discuss affiliation or funding.

He confirmed that Unite’s elected executive was the only body that could decide affiliation to any group. Mr McCluskey’s comments come after claims were made by

Mr Watson last week that a McCluskey-led Unite was plotting to “take over” Labour and “destroy” it as an electoral force.

Supporters of Mr McCluskey and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have accused Mr Watson of trying to influence the Unite leadership vote in favour of Mr Coyne, who has previously called in the pages of Murdoch hate rag the Sun for the union to distance itself from politics and drop its support for Mr Corbyn’s leadership altogether.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5’s Pienaar’s Politics show, Mr McCluskey said there had been a “shameful campaign of lies, innuendo and smears” which “strains the relationship between unions and the Labour Party.”

He said: “My members don’t vote to affiliate to the Labour Party so they can be abused by certain Labour leaders.”




    1. The first time Corbyn was elected as leader, and Watson elected deputy, he stood up and made an acceptance speech whereby he promised to support the leader and bring the Labour party together. That didn’t last too long, since then, he has been working behind Corbyn’s back to undermine him in every way possible. He should stand down for the sake of the party.

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  1. Labour desperately need a change of Deputy Leader for the better. Tom Watson is dragging the party in to disrepute with the constant battles since Corbyn became Leader. So much for standing with him, instead of against.

    Labour need to be rid of all the aggressors to make a better stand. Come on Jeremy. You know you want to.

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