Murdoch’s Sun backs Rudd’s WhatsApp crackdown after Westminster attack : LEFT FOOT FORWARD

Sinister drive to read your messages in the name of fighting terrorism.

The Sun newspaper likes to pose as the voice of the people against the powerful, but it rolls over like a puppy when it really matters.

Today the paper backs Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s calls for a ‘back door’ into people’s WhatsApp messages in the wake of the Westminster terrorist attack.

It’s front page screams, ‘WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON, WHATSAPP?’, implying failure to do as the government wants is equal to being on the side of the terrorists.

The paper’s Sun Says editorial today is less vox populi than the voice of an authoritarian state:

“THERE really shouldn’t be any need to bring in new laws to force tech companies to cooperate with the security services.

But unless they start to behave ­properly there will be no alternative.”

It concludes:



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  1. The Murdoch empire would never let a little thing like people’s rights to privacy stand in the way of a story. It’s not so long ago that he was having to explain why he was illegally tapping phones.

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