Paint problem blights new aircraft carrier docked in Fife as divers discover protective layer peels off in seawater : DAILY RECORD

The Royal Navy’s under-fire aircraft carrier program hit by another blow as bubbling paint is spotted under HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Navy’s problem-hit aircraft carriers have been dealt another blow – as special paint on the hull peels off in seawater.

Divers were inspecting the hull of the HMS Queen Elizabeth in Rosyth, Fife, when they discovered the top coat of paint had failed to adhere properly.

The paint, which should act as an ­impenetrable barrier between the sea and the hull, was bubbling and had started peeling off.

Royal Navy chiefs last night confirmed the paint problem.

A spokeswoman said: “There are areas of the hull of HMS Queen Elizabeth where the top-coat of paint has not adhered to the undercoat.




  1. Breaking News…
    “Russia responsible for UK aircraft carrier failure, claims Amber Shudder”, after it was revealed that the paint used was supplied by the Russian owned Paintfolovski company based in Tooting…
    More Soon.

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    1. Paint peeling off our aircraft carriers and our warships fitted with engines that don’t work in warm water, no missiles for them either.
      Of course we were warned all this and more would come to pass, if we voted for Brexit… 😀


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