Brexit bonfire of our basic rights : THIRD FORCE NEWS

A ​fight must be mounted to ensure Brexit doesn’t rip our rights from us, says civil society groups

In a major new report, the Scottish Human Rights Consortium says that the EU provided rights for children, women, disabled people, and workers, as well as rights that are enjoyed by everyone such as access to a clean environment.

Experts from 12 different civil society groups argue that Brexit has put all of that under threat.

Without the EU pushing rights forward, the report states, there are real worries that legal rights may be reduced, and that progress on achieving greater rights for disadvantaged people will stall.

Mhairi Snowden, coordinator of the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, said: “Many of the rights that all of us take for granted are at risk if Scotland leaves the EU. Rights bring respect and dignity for all of us, whether that is an older person in a care home, a pregnant woman at work, or a disabled person having access to public buildings.

“Individuals need to be able to claim their legal rights to make sure that everyone – no matter their identity or circumstances – is treated with dignity and respect.

“It is vital that in all negotiations about Scotland’s future, rights for the individual are built into the very fabric of our public services, law and society.”

Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International’s Scotland programme director, said: “There is still a great deal of uncertainty what Brexit will mean for the UK or Scotland. Even as it negotiates its exit, the UK government must ensure that leaving the EU does not result in lesser rights protections than we currently have.

“Critically, we must guard against any moves to view Brexit as a stepping-stone to withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights.”



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  1. It’s crazy, but a lot of people don’t want human rights, at least they think they don’t want them.

    It’s only when they’re well and truly gone – and then having to start all over again and fight for them – is when these idiots will eventually realise what they lost.

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