Brexit will remove shackles of EU charges that STIFLE Britain, claims Iain Duncan Smith : EXPRESS

IAIN Duncan Smith has called on MPs to work with the Government to help create “a better brighter future” for Britain and remove the burden of EU costs.

Jean Claude-Juncker and Iain Duncan Smith

The Tory told parliament to “resist the temptation” to meddle with Brexit legislation and not get “bogged down with endless amendments” as Britain has a limited amount of time to leave the EU.

It follows reports that Pro-Remain Tory MPs are reportedly threatening to destabilise Theresa May’s Brexit negotiating position by blocking the repeal of EU law, if they deem “Brexiteers are out of control”.

The baffling revelation follows reports May will publish details of the great repeal bill – legislation that will convert all EU law in to the UK statute books – this week.

IDS told the Telegraph: “This is legislation that repeals the Single European Act and which allows us to transfer our existing structure of EU laws and regulation into UK law.”

The former Tory leader promised there would be “a root and branch review” of EU regulatory costs and its “intrusion into the daily lives” of UK citizens.

He added: “Recent reports from Open Europe and Civitas found that the total cost to the UK economy of the top 100 most expensive EU regulations is £27.4billion a year.




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