George Osborne can’t be an MP AND a newspaper editor at same time, say constituents : RT Question More.

Former Tory Chancellor George Osborne should renounce his job as Tatton MP if he intends to become the editor of the London Evening Standard, the majority of his constituents claim.

According to a poll by Survation, up to 66 percent of voters in Tatton, 190 miles (306km) from London, say he should choose whether to hold his seat in the constituency or go ahead with his new appointment as the Standard’s editor.

The poll surveyed more than 500 people. It found up to 62 percent also think the ex-Tory chancellor is “wrong” to take up the role as editor, for which he is tipped to earn £250,000 (US$314,000) a year.

The poll, commissioned by 38 Degrees, found that six out of 10 voters think Osborne has a “moral obligation” to his voters to serve as an MP only, according to the Telegraph.

Osborne is due to take on the top job at the Standard from May, as the current editor, Sarah Sands, is set to move to the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ program.


The announcement follows the Tory MP’s recent appointment as a part-time senior adviser at BlackRock, one of the world’s largest hedge fund investment managers.

While working for BlackRock, Osborne is set to earn up to £650,000 (about $800,000) per year for working one day per week – 10 times what he currently makes as an MP if share awards are taken into account.

Osborne has defended his new appointment, saying his local Conservative Party branch overwhelmingly supports it.

Labour MP Wes Streeting, who represents Ilford North in London, however, said the recent poll suggests the opposite and called into question the idea that Osborne could juggle two full-time jobs at once.

“It’s time George Osborne did the decent thing and resigned as an MP.

“Pretending he can edit a major newspaper for Londoners while properly representing his Cheshire constituency is an insult to the people he represents – and to MPs who take the job seriously,” Streeting said, according to the Mirror.

“Being an MP is a full-time job. So is editing a newspaper like the Standard.”

On top of his job as MP and senior adviser at BlackRock, Osborne is an after-dinner speaker at the Washington Speaker’s Bureau and chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, as well as a fellow at American think tank McCain Institute.

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  1. Breaking News…
    George Osborne takes another new job and signs up for two upcoming film roles.
    Speaking anonymously to Substratums a government insider has told us that, George Osborne has taken up a new job as a “Private Proctologist”
    Stating that “His insider knowledge would prove invaluable in the field.”

    Hollywood has also been wooing Mr Osborne and he has signed up for an undisclosed sum for lead roles in two new blockbusters expected to be released in May 2018.
    In the remake of the 1968 classic “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” Osborne will play the “Child Catcher”

    While in the new James Bond movie he plays the title role of… “Dr Snow”

    More Soon…

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