NHS’s leeches suck away at £1bn bonanza : MORNING STAR

£1 in 8 is now going to non-NHS ‘providers’

PRIVATEERS have pocketed almost half of the £2 billion extra cash given to the NHS in the pre-2015 election Autumn Statement, researchers revealed yesterday.

Health bosses handed a staggering £901 million bonanza to private and nonNHS services compared to £800m buying the same care from NHS trusts, according to the Health Foundation.

The report found a shocking £1 in every £8 of local commissioners’ budgets in England is being spent on buying care from non-NHS providers.

The money was intended to go towards front-line services, however the Health Foundation warned that it shows a lack of capacity within the NHS to meet rising demand.

Health Foundation director Anita Charlesworth said: “The NHS urgently needs to look at how to ensure additional funds reach NHS providers.”

Unite national officer Sarah Carpenter said the study provided further evidence of the government’s determination “to erode the concept of the NHS as a universal service available for all at the point of delivery.”

She warned: “The onward march of the privatisation of the NHS only benefits the Tory ideologues, with their blinkered bias against the NHS, and the private healthcare companies that will be raking in fat profits which would be better spent on front-line services.


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