Police chief investigated over alleged destruction of Green peer’s files : THE GUARDIAN

Cdr Chris Greany will avoid any possible disciplinary action arising from IPCC inquiry after notifying force of retirement.

A senior police officer who is being investigated for his alleged involvement in destroying files held on a Green party peer is to retire on Friday, meaning he will avoid any possible disciplinary action.

Commander Chris Greany was head of the secretive Scotland Yard unit that monitors political campaigners at the time it allegedly destroyed files it had compiled on the political activities of Jenny Jones.

Greany is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) over claims that the national domestic extremism and disorder intelligence unit destroyed the files on Jones in June 2014.

He is now the police’s national coordinator for economic crime, working for the City of London police. He is also a spokesman for the police on issues relating to identity fraud and cyber crime.

Announcing his retirement, City of London police praised Greany for his “impeccable policing career”. In certain cases, the police have the power to prevent officers from retiring in order to face disciplinary action.

Jones said Greany’s retirement “would mean he can avoid potential disciplinary action. It’s not fair if the commander of the unit can walk away leaving the junior officers, who may have been under his direct orders, to be left to account for any misconduct. Greany must not be allowed to escape justice.”





  1. Destroying any Police files should be a criminal offence, never mind disciplinary action. He should be on trial, not sitting on his fat arse, collecting his public funded pension.

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