Sports Direct workers yet to receive back pay they are owed, MPs told : THE GUARDIAN

Transline, exposed as part of Guardian investigation, has not paid money to hundreds of employees, committee hears.

Hundreds of Sports Direct workers who were found to have been paid less than the minimum wage are yet to receive the back pay owed for their shifts, MPs have been told.

Steve Turner, the assistant general secretary of the Unite union, told an evidence session of the business, energy and industrial strategy committee that Transline, one of the employment agencies exposed during an undercover Guardian investigation, has refused to honour part of the deal.

The agency was part of an agreement last August to award workers about £1m in back pay after it was revealed that Sports Direct workers were being paid less than the legal minimum.

The payments were to be backdated to May 2012 and could be worth up to £1,000 for some workers, union officials estimated at the time, although they also expressed concern that Transline had been refusing to refund unpaid wages from before it took over contracts from a rival agency, Blue Arrow, in 2014.

Turner told MPs on Tuesday: “Transline have refused to pay the backpayment for the non-payment of national minimum wage for the period of employment that employees had before Transline took over the contract. So they are refusing to honour the transfer of undertakings regulations.


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