Was it a bird ?, was it a plane ?, NO, it was a missile, How dumb can they get, look at that hole.

FBI pictures reveal fiery aftermath and appalling destruction at the Pentagon on 9/11 – including remains of the plane hijacked by bin Laden’s attackers

  • The FBI Vault has published images taken by investigators at the Pentagon after the 9/11 attack 
  • Al Qaeda’s five hijackers claimed 184 lives when they crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon
  • Photographs show debris from the Boeing 757 on the ground outside the Defense Department building
  • The FBI led the forensic investigation on the ground at the Pentagon. collecting tiny fragments of evidence 
Read more : Daily Mail : and see the perfect HOLE. The type of hole a round shaped missile would make.


  1. It is particularly interesting when you find out who had been recently moved to the area directly affected by this explosion.

    The picture tagged ‘Examination: The FBI deployed forensic specialists to go through the aftermath of the Pentagon attacks. Their identities were obscured in the released photographs’ this image Is in my opinion a Chroma key image, in the foreground you have some props, a fence and the people but behind is a screen. The image is copyrighted FBI which makes it double odd.

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