Airports and nuclear power stations on ‘TERROR ALERT over fears of ISIS cyber threat’ : EXPRESS

BRITAIN’S airports and nuclear power stations have been placed on alert due to growing fears ISIS hackers may have found a way to bypass electronic security systems.

ISIS and Michael Fallon

Fallon has been championing the start of a new cyber warfare task force
Security services issued a series of alerts in the last 24 hours and have warned airports they must tighten defences as intelligence suggests terrorists are now able to commit cyber warfare.

ISIS may have developed ways to disguise explosives in mobile phones and laptops which can evade airport security screening methods.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, deputy director-general of an independent think tank for defence and security, said: “It is important for the Government to respond rapidly to evolving cyber security threats.

“The potential threats are wide-ranging and are coming from Government and non-Government sources. Crucially there has to be clear co-operation with the private sector to tackle this, especially as airports are usually in private hands.”

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, revealed an elite team involving astronaut Tim Peake, former head of McLaren F1 racing Ron Dennis and former GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan, have been tasked with developing Britain’s cyber defences.

Jesse Norman, the energy minister, told the Telegraph: “The Government is fully committed to defending the UK against cyber threats, with a £1.9 billion investment designed to transform this country’s cyber security.”



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