Cabinet Minister: ‘We’ll never cut immigration, UK is addicted to the cheap labour’ : EXPRESS

THE Government’s manifesto pledge to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands is unachievable because Britain is “addicted to the drug of cheap imported labour”, a Cabinet Minister has admitted.

uk immigration post brexit

In a move likely to enrage Brexiteers, he said the debate was now less about the numbers and more about the skills of those coming in post-Brexit.

The admission came as senior Government sources said the ambition of reducing immigration below 100,000 is all but dead because voters are content Britain will regain control over its borders once we leave the EU.

The unnamed minister said: “Immigration in the tens of thousands is worth aiming for but it’s difficult to get to. But the real debate will not be about the numbers but who is in those numbers. It will be less about how many but more a question of who?

“What we’re talking about here is not free movement of people, but free movement of labour.

“That’s where David Cameron failed in his negotiation. If you ask them, the British public don’t have a problem with free movement of labour.

“In other words, people coming here to do a specific job and then going home when there’s no job. People don’t mind people coming here if they are going to contribute to the wealth of the country.

“What they mind is people coming in and consuming the wealth of the country which they have never contributed to. We need to get ourselves off the drug of cheap imported labour by upscaling our younger generation.

“That’s one of the most important aspects of what we’re dealing with. We are forced into high levels of migration at the moment because of our failure to upskill our own population.”




  1. Just saw some of a program called ‘inside the factory’ it was about Kellogg’s. It has been nearly completely automated, robots do everything. We are talking about a company that is already generating millions and millions in profits. It is never enough though is it, so they remove as many workers as possible to squeeze every penny out. What of all the people made unemployed? would you worry where all these people are going to make a living? Why don’t they then, because they are useless eaters already marked for extinction. What a shock they will have, all their money will be worthless.

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    1. I watched the programme too Loccie, because the factory is local to me, and used to be one of the biggest employers in Trafford Park.

      The rot set in years ago, when they stopped taking on permanent staff. They started by offering temporary contracts to employees for warehouse work, which diminished as they became more automated.

      I was astonished to see that they only have four staff in the warehouse, and one of those is the computer operator in charge of the robots.

      Apart from the initial outlay for the robots, everything else is profit.

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