Child locked locked in bedroom by grandparents is taken into care : THE TELEGRAPH

 John Hemming the former Lib Dem MP for Yardley 

A child was taken away from her grandparents and put into foster care after they locked her in her room overnight.

The seven-year-old, from the West Midlands, was put into the care of the local authority after social workers found out that she had been locked in to prevent her from wandering around.

The couple say that Judge Rosalind Bush, a senior family court judge, ruled that the child should go into care after a private hearing in Wolverhampton.

But they have not had a written explanation or seen a judgment so don’t know why the decision was made.

Wolverhampton town centre
The private hearing took place in Wolverhampton Credit: Andrew Fox

The child was locked in her bedroom at night on two occasions after she started to wander.

The grandparents said this was for her own safety, but social workers intervened.

The case was heard at a private family court hearing, but no ruling was ever published.



  1. If you live in the United States of America today, and you have children in your home under the age of 18, every day you are in danger of losing your children to the State through medical kidnapping. Something as simple as bringing your child to the local emergency room to care for an injury or sickness puts you at risk for being accused of medically abusing or neglecting your child, and having a doctor direct a social worker to remove the child or children from your custody by force.

    Since launching in late 2014, we have published dozens of such stories where parents lost custody of their child or children, simply because a medical professional deemed them unworthy parents. Medical kidnapping is defined as the State taking away children from their parents and putting them into State custody and the foster care system, simply because the parents did not agree with a doctor regarding their prescribed medical treatment for the family. In some cases it is as simple as telling a doctor you are going to seek a second opinion on a suggested medical procedure, and then ending up being charged with “medical abuse” and losing your children.

    Medical kidnapping is part of a larger problem of State-sponsored child kidnapping. State-sponsored kidnapping is where the State steps in and decides that they know what is best for a child or group of children within a family, and then removes the children without any formal charges being brought against the parents. The parents lose their children immediately, often without any warrant being issued by a judge. They are assumed guilty by social services of something worthy of losing their children, usually with no formal charges filed in a court of law, and no trial by a jury of peers as is afforded by the Constitution of the United States of America. They must spend significant resources to try and get their children back from a family court system that is cloaked in secrecy with little to no accountability. Sometimes the parents are able to get their children back, but sometimes they do not, and the children are adopted out. Even in the instances where the children are allowed to return home to their parents, they are severely traumatized.

    Therefore, much of what we describe and document in this article can also be applied to State-sponsored kidnappings in general, and not just medical kidnapping.


  2. Humans are commodities to the elite, to be sold for profit. They pick off the easy targets first, the very young, the very old, and the prison population, the one’s that can’t fight back.

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