Homelessness ‘endangering the lives of a growing number of people’ : Welfare Weekly.

The Scottish Government has been urged to tackle the “human tragedy of homelessness”, with leading charities and others warning that rough sleep is “endangering the lives of a growing number of people forced to sleep rough” on Scotland’s streets.

In a letter (see below) written to the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equality, Angela Constance, Shelter Scotland and a number of other prominent organisations criticise a “lack of political leadership and urgency in relation to tackling homelessness in Scotland today”.

A lack of Government action on addressing the growing crisis risks “condemning many more individuals and families to a life of limbo”, the letter says, “by forcing them to stay for increasing lengths of time in so called temporary accommodation”.

The letter highlights the sad death of 28-year-old Matthew Bloomer, who was found dead in a shop doorway last month. It warns that Matthew “will not be last” person to die homeless on Scotland’s streets, adding: “It is a badge of shame that homelessness still exists in our society”.

The signatories demand “political leadership and action”, calling on the Scottish Government to develop a new “National Homelessness Strategy” to help “tackle the root causes of homelessness”.

The full letter reads:


More at Welfare Weekly.


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