Loophole in fracking rules leaves beauty spots at risk : MORNING STAR

BRITAIN’S national parks could soon be blighted by fracking sites because the government has left a loophole in new regulations, according to campaigners.

Activists opposed to the environmentally damaging drilling process say that companies are lobbying the government over the drawing up of a waste and minerals plan that could allow the extraction of shale gas in the Yorkshire region.

Fracking companies have submitted suggestions for the plan that seek to alter the definition of fracking used by authorities responsible for North Yorkshire, the North York Moors national park and the city of York authorities, campaigners said.

This would create a technical loophole that could enable them to carry out fracking in national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and near drinking water sources.

The government has also decided that fracking regulations will only apply when more than 1,000 cubic metres of fluid is used per expected stage of fracking, or 10,000 in total for all stages.

All limits on fracking companies, such as restrictions on well numbers and requirements for buffer zones around beauty spots and people’s homes, are being contested by the firms such as energy giant Cuadrilla.

Ian Conlan, of Frack Free Ryedale, said: “We are calling on the public to tell our politicians: ‘Hands off our national parks’.”

Ryedale District Councillor Paul Andrews said: “The industry is hell-bent on putting corporate profits before the needs and wishes of residents.”



  1. In America Bush sneaked in a law that states the land under your house belongs to the government. Fracking companies can set up next to your house and frack under it.

    Oh wait our government is already thinking of it, who else thinks this will be enabled by the great bonfire of EU legislation? watch the trespass law go up in smoke.

    ‘Government to change trespass law so fracking firms can bore under private land but leaves plan out of Queen’s speech’



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  2. The Queen referred to the change in trespass law by stating: “The [infrastructure] bill will enhance the UK’s energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal sites.”

    I wonder if they’ll be fracking under the Queens various properties dotted around Britain.

    After all…According to the Queen herself, the Bill will enhance the UK’s independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal sites.”.

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  3. Stop Cuadrilla from breaking the rules on fracking.

    Fracking company Cuadrilla are itching to get drilling in Lancashire. They’ve already started work on site. All against the wishes of local people.

    What makes this even worse is that they haven’t carried out all the water testing they are required to by new laws.

    We’re repeatedly told our regulation will protect us from the risks of fracking. But Cuadrilla aren’t completing the year’s worth of water tests the law says they need to before they start the fracking process.


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