The Work Capability Assessment : DPAC

Published on Apr 4, 2017

The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is the primary assessment for Employment and Support Allowance, the main social security payment for ill and disabled people. In this documentary advocates, lawyers and claimants outline the fundamental problems with the (WCA), and the adverse effects it has on claimants. They show how the WCA fails the disabled and fails on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) terms; it can worsen people’s health and does not help them return to work. The WCA is carried out by private companies (initially Atos now Maximus). Although some assessments can be carried out smoothly and professionally, others are in buildings that do not have disabled access, require people in pain to sit for hours on hard chairs, and are carried out by cold or even cruel assessors.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to talk about the WCA. Some people have requested anonymity, therefore we have either used their voice only or got actors to record what they said (a lot of claimants are scared of the DWP).


  1. I hope there’s a very hot place in hell reserved for all the people who designed and implemented the cruel and vindictive wca, they sold their souls to the devil when they took the money and agreed to treat people this way.

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  2. dont forget these very highly trained hcp most havent any qualifications and the teaching their companies give inst recognized by the nurses union oh dear

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  3. The Judge preferred the evidence of the Maximus (Or ATOS) assessor rather than the evidence of Mr Cox.

    ”Prefer/ing the evidence” is a scripted sentence (Buzz words) used often by health care professionals who work for ATOS, it’s ALSO A SUCCESSION OF BUZZWORDS used often by DWP decision makers etc.
    It’s a sentence also used by first tier and second tier appeal fit for work tribunal judges and Doctors. But not a sentence often used in normal court business like criminal trials.

    Sounds like the Judge has been coached.

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  4. An interesting turnaround by the government.

    Ministers have been forced to scrap a drastic change to benefit rules that meant seriously ill claimants found unfairly “fit for work” were no longer allowed to take an extended period of sickness absence, even if they had a sicknote from their GP.

    Under the new rules – introduced through a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) memo to jobcentre staff in November, and without notifying parliament – claimants forced to claim jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) faced having their benefits sanctioned if they were too ill to look for work.

    They were previously entitled to up to 13 weeks of an “extended period of sickness” (EPS) if their doctor felt they were too sick to work or look for work, despite being found fit for work by DWP.

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  5. A DWP spokesman said yesterday (Wednesday): “The memo you highlight was issued in November, which excluded claimants who had been found fit for work from taking an extended period of sickness (EPS). This has since been revised.

    “Questions were raised about the policy internally, which led officials to revisit and revise the guidance on 1 March.”

    He added: “People found fit for work are able to take an EPS once JSA has been awarded and they have presented an appropriate sick note – they do not need to have a new condition, or for their condition to have worsened.

    “The regulations allow all JSA claimants, including claimants who have previously claimed ESA, to be considered for an extended period of sickness, if eligible based on their individual circumstances and health condition.”

    *If an MR confirms the original decision and a claimant wishes to appeal to tribunal, they can begin to claim ESA again until they receive the appeal decision


    I’m glad that’s clear, because the beginning of the article was rather confusing.

    So If one claims Jobseekers after being found fit for work by an ATOS/Maximus quack, and as long as one has a sicknote from a GP then one can then claim ESA via an EPS.

    Provided one isn’t at the whim of an overzealous DWP decision maker.

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    1. Sorry for the confusion, I was going to copy the whole piece over, but because of the original source, and problems we had before, decided just to provide link. (Please delete this comment if you wish stilloaks)

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      1. No problem Linda, just post whatever you like.
        If we get taken down again so what, we will just pop up again somewhere else. They can play Whack-A-Mole for as long as they want, we have an infinite supply of moles… LOL.

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  6. Notice…disabled go News can publish the full DNS article/s.

    We obviously can’t be on the same side as DNS etc.

    Oh wait…maybe ”Disabled go news” pay a pretty penny to republish DNS articles. I suppose it just depends on how much money you’re prepared to pay.

    But I’m not sure, because no one has ever clarified it to me straight one way or the other.

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