Scottish taxpayers have given Amazon £3.6m since 2007 : i NEWS

Amazon has benefited from Scottish Government grants (Photo: Getty)

Millions of pounds of Scottish taxpayers’ money has been given to Amazon over the past 10 years despite claims of poor working conditions at the company’s main depot north of the border, according to figures published on Wednesday. More than £3.6m worth of Scottish Government grants have been channelled into the global technology firm since the SNP came to power in 2007, the statistics show.

The figures were revealed by ministers following a parliamentary question from the Scottish Labour party, which is calling for the SNP to review the financial support it is giving to Amazon.

They show that the firm has benefited from millions of pounds worth of grants from Scottish Enterprise, the nation’s main economic development agency which is funded by the Government. Over the past decade Amazon has been given over £2.3m in Regional Selective Assistance grants, which are meant to encourage businesses who want to develop a project in Scotland. It has also received more than £1.2m in other grants. Labour queried the payments, pointing out that Amazon has been accused of presiding over “intolerable” working conditions at its Fife depot. Economy Secretary Keith Brown held a meeting with the company before Christmas after reports that workers at the warehouse were threatened with the sack for taking time off sick.


  1. So, not only do we have to let them away with paying virtually no tax in the country, we have to bung them a few grants to keep them sweet, in order that they will carry on trading and employing people in a particular area?

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