Pro-Corbyn Labour roots protest at Blairite brochure : MORNING STAR

GRASSROOTS Labour activists will rally outside the offices of the New Statesman today in protest at the magazine’s “bias” in running a 30-page attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

A series of editorials, articles and contributions in the liberal weekly’s edition last week urged opposition to the Labour leader, including a call for Mr Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell to quit the party.

One article headline reads: “The stench of decay and failure coming from the Labour Party is now overwhelming,” and betrays its prejudices when editor Jason Cowley admits: “From the beginning we were opposed to the Corbyn leadership.”

Elsewhere, the editor of The Times is given a guest spot to state: “It will probably require a resounding general election defeat to make Labour come to its senses, root out Momentum and retake the territory that Tony Blair so successfully occupied.”

A Momentum Camden member, who did not wish to be named, told the Star: “Thousands of members voted for Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party — yet the media and the Establishment are trying to sabotage democracy.

The group will protest outside the magazine’s offices at 71-73 Carter Lane in central London from 5 to 6pm.

The one-eyed attacks on Mr Corbyn have continued in the broadcasting media. On Tuesday, Jeremy Corbyn was asked by an ITV News presenter: “If you’re so concerned about what the Conservative government is doing, wouldn’t it be an idea to step aside?”




  1. Nobody from centre to right wing seems to like or support Jeremy Corbyn.

    Democracy doesn’t seem to exist in this country, due to the biased Rupert Murdoch style media.

    Strange how it’s that media who always rant on and on about such and such a person or thing – who happens not to agree with them – as being undemocratic.

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