are they pulling his legs? Patient sent two letters confirming his NHS scan appointment… one for each leg : Sun.

Barman Paul Nichols quipped ‘did they think I might leave it at home?’ after Stoke Mandeville Hospital sent him two reminders of an ultrasound scan


A BEMUSED patient got two letters confirming a hospital appointment — one for each leg.

Paul Nichols, 37, booked in for an ultrasound scan to check for varicose veins.

Paul Nichols
Paul Nichols was left baffled after the NHS sent him two reminders for his hospital appointment… one for each leg

But Stoke Mandeville Hospital wrote to him twice, once to confirm the appointment for his left leg and again for his right one at the same time on the same day.

Barman Paul said: “They reminded me in one letter to go and get my left leg scanned.

“But then they felt the need to remind me to bring my right leg as well for the same appointment.

Right leg
First Paul received a letter reminding him of an ultrasound scan on his left leg… and then a second for his right

“It’s bonkers. Did they think I might leave it at home?”

The two letters had Paul scratching his head when they arrived at his home in Leighton Buzzard, Beds, on the same morning.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

A spokesman at Stoke Mandeville Hospital claimed the blunder had been a ‘minor admin error’, but admitted it may have ‘raised an eyebrow’

Read More : The Sun.

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