Theresa May accused of snubbing the poor by wooing 49 fatcats since becoming Prime Minister : Mirror.

Labour figures say the PM has gone against her pledge to create ‘a government for everyone, not just the privileged few’


Theresa May has been slammed for wining and dining 49 wealthy Tory donors as PM – while ­“failing” the ordinary people she promised to help.

The Conservative Party’s own ­figures show Mrs May has held a series of private dinners with fatcat donors.

Toffs attending similar dinners have given over £2million to the Tories over the years and accounted for more than half the cash given to Mrs May during her leadership campaign.

But senior Labour figures criticised the PM for going against her own pledge to create “a government for everyone, not just the privileged few”.

Last year Mrs May laid huge stress on the importance of helping so-called JAMs – millions of families who are “just about managing” .

But Labour MP Andrew Gwynne said: “Theresa May says she wants to represent everyone in the country but the reality could not be further from the truth.

“Far from building a country that works for everyone, the Tories are wining and dining the privileged few.

“They are failing Britain and have not changed one bit under Theresa May.”

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  1. “Jam” Just which slimy, nasty, little piece of 5hit came up with that?
    They are pissing themselves laughing at us passively accepting, being patronisingly patted upon the head and told “Your just about managing, we care, we will help” The “Jam” acronym is no accident, a deliberate expression of the disdain and contempt that they hold for those they feed upon and never intend to help…


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