Royal Marines set to be CUT by 200 so the Navy can operate new hi-tech aircraft carriers : EXPRESS

THE Royal Navy is set to cut 200 Royal Marine positions, so they can operate new aircraft carriers.

Royal Marine set to lose 200 men

Admiral Sir Phillip Jones, the First Sea Lord said the cut is the Navy’s attempt to “meet the challenges of the dangerous and uncertain world”.

However, it has emerged the men will be transferred to the Royal Navy so they can staff their new, huge warships.

Admiral Jones said he knew how vital the marines were as “the UK’s premier high readiness contingency force”.

But the Admiral added: “I also know we must adapt to meet the challenges of a dangerous and uncertain world.

“The Government is investing in a new generation of ships, submarines and aircraft.

“As we introduce these capabilities into service, we must ensure we have the right mix of skills across each of the Navy’s fighting arms to optimise how we use them, and the Commandant General and I have sought to find the right balance between sailors and marines in responding to this challenge.”



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