Association landlords get more power over tenants : SOCIALIST WORKER

Housing campaigners have forced sections of the Housing and Planning Act to be dropped

Housing associations were deregulated by the Tories on Thursday of last week.

The change means that housing association tenants have dramatically less protection against being turfed out of their homes.

The Tories’ hated Housing and Planning Act has begun to come into effect—and housing association deregulation is a part of it.

The act was delayed partly because of pressure from the Axe the Housing Act campaign.

Parts of the act, such as the pay to stay, will not come into effect.

But the sections of it that have survived will still be devastating if they are not resisted and defeated.

Deregulation means the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) will no longer have to approve important changes to housing associations.


For instance, housing associations won’t have to get approval for mergers, nor for selling homes whether or not they have tenants living in them.

Associations also won’t have to ask for HCA approval before borrowing against the value of their housing stock.

All of these changes represent a massive attack on tenants’ and residents’ rights.



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  1. Rent your home then don’t vote Tory…makes sense

    Own your own home the Tories will want it to pay for your accommodation in your old age, so it makes sense if you fall into that category not to vote Tory.

    So not many people left after that.

    So who in the hell is bloody well voting for them then ?.

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