Artificial Intelligence could put lawyers and doctors OUT of a job in FIVE YEARS’ time : Express.

A TECHNOLOGY lawyer warned artificial intelligence could oust professionals – including lawyers and health workers – within five years’ time.

Roger Bickerstaff, of law firm Bird & Bird, said there were now “risks” to white collar jobs, which had previously appeared “immune” to technology advances.

Speaking on Channel 4, Mr Bickerstaff suggested in a half a decade, artificial intelligence could start taking top jobs.

He said: “We see risks coming through into the white collar jobs, the professional jobs.


“We’re already seeing artificial intelligence solutions being used in healthcare, in legal services and so those jobs which have been relatively immune to industrialisation so far, they’re not immune anymore.

“So people like myself, as a lawyer, I would hope I won’t be, but I could be out of a job in five years time.”

While the rise of AI now seems inevitable, scientists’ understanding of it still has gaps, and some believe the machines are now learning too fast to be controlled.

Read More : Daily Express.


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