Woman with mental health problems ‘asked why she hadn’t killed herself yet’ by disability benefits assessor : Daily Record.

The Department for Work and Pensions insists “supporting people with mental health conditions is a priority for this Government.”


The Department for Work and Pensions has been accused of ‘institutional abuse’ after an assessor allegedly asked a woman: “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet”.

Alice Kirby, 25, who has mental health problems, said she was asked the question as part of her assessment for disability benefits.

Speaking about her experience of personal independence payments (PIP), Alice said: “Cuts are costing disabled people their lives, but the assessments themselves can also put us at risk.

Alice Kirby says disability benefits assessor asked her why she hadn’t killed herself yet

“They are designed to be intrusive and manipulative and I wanted to raise awareness of that.

“When applicants are asked questions like this, we are forced to explain our reasons to stay alive.

“No one should be expected to do that, especially in such a toxic and unsupportive environment.

“Assessors do not have the time or skills to explore the answers to this question with us and they are not able to provide the support which may be needed afterwards.”

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  1. My daughter was asked by Atos to explain what had caused her post traumatic stress disorder. This is completely irresponsible to ask someone to relive a trauma, just for their entertainment, especially when they are not qualified in mental health issues, and can cause more harm than good by doing this.

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  2. go forth and cull yourself is the dwp way go on do it saving the government the monies so that their wallets get fatter with the back handers from those who win these contracts go forth and end it all nay stay and fight these demons who couldnt care a shitte only the monies they can get

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