Private firms are profiting from the misery of benefit claimants – Record View

Atos and Capita have been paid £700million to administer PIP assessment tests on behalf of the UK Government.

Atos has come under fire for how it treats people (Photo: Philippe Wojazer)


Cuts to benefits for disabled people are bad enough – but allowing private companies to make money out of the misery inflicted on claimants is beyond the pale.

Atos and Capita, the buccaneers of public sector outsourcing contracts, have been paid £700million to administer PIP assessment tests on behalf of the UK Government.

That is about £19million a month for the companies and £200million more than the five-year contracts were meant to be worth.

These companies – at the behest of the Tory Government – are feasting on the corpse of welfare benefits.

Meanwhile, the disabled have Motability allowance taken away from them and women who claim tax credit for a third child must prove that the birth was a result of rape.

True, the entire benefits process is in need of reform. But the way the Tories have gone about it has caused disarray, confusion and hurt for claimants, while feeding profits in the form of multi-million-pound payments to private companies.

It should not be beyond the wit of man
to design a benefits system worthy of the name, with humanity and dignity coming before profit.

Sadly, on that assessment, this Tory Government always fail.

Link : Daily Record.


  1. Monday’s MSM report DWP Admit to rise in cost of ESA/PIP assessments are due to the falling price in Sterling & the effect BREXIT Is having on the economy.

    Your having a laugh Gov.


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