PFI scandal as Scottish NHS faces £10billion bill for hospitals that cost £2billion : Daily Record

Critics slam the toxic credit scheme introduced by Labour Party that has left health boards with a crippling bill of£7.8bn.

NHS boards face paying back £10billion to firms for new hospitals that cost just £2billion to build under controversial private finance deals.

The figures include the SNP’s own non-profit scheme which will see cash-strapped health boards paying back almost £2billion for hospitals worth less than £750million, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

This year alone NHS boards will have to make repayments of £285million.

Public-private partnership (PPP) schools have come under renewed fire after it was revealed last week 70 schools financed under the schemes in Scotland have defects.

But the NHS also face a £9.7billion bill to pay for private firms financing, building and maintaining hospitals – some of which have been hit with a series of problems.

Politicians and union leaders yesterday demanded the Scottish Government help to buy out crippling private finance initiative (PFI) contracts so the debt could be repaid at much lower interest rates.

Dave Watson, head of policy at Unison Scotland, who represent 60,000 NHS workers, said: “These toxic contracts are having a damaging impact on the financing of the NHS and the quality of service delivered.



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