Claimants winning at PIP plea panels : Morning Star

Nearly two thirds of DWP decisions found faulty at appeal

MORE people with disabilities and long-term illnesses are winning appeals after having their personal independent payment (PIP) claim rejected.

The latest Ministry of Justice figures show that 65 per cent of all decisions that go to appeal at independent tribunals are now reversed in the claimant’s favour.

This compares with 18 per cent of those being overturned at mandatory reconsideration, a system run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

This is a stage that claimants are told they must go through before appealing to a tribunal.

Since the PIP benefit was been introduced, 161,000 people have had the original decision overturned either at mandatory reconsideration or at appeal, according to DWP data.

The government argues that this is a small fraction of the 2.3 million people claiming PIP, with 7 per cent of all decisions appealed and 3 per cent overturned.

It adds that 75 per cent of successful appeals are due to new evidence being submitted for the claims.

But charities argue that only 9 per cent are overturned because of new documentation.

The remaining 66 per cent of cases are overturned by tribunal panels actually listening to a claimant’s oral evidence.


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  1. The Government have tried every evil trick in the book to get the appeal figures down.

    Dreadful mandatory reconsiderations, and no money whilst waiting, no legal aid to help in an appeal, having to pay for ones own medical reports from GPs and Consultants to show the panel, so no help there.

    Private health care Doctors given jobs in ESA/PIP appeal panels to – illegally – help get the successful figures down by hook or by crook.
    Lied to and cheated by over zealous DWP workers, telling claimants that it’s no use appealing against the DWPs decision because they will not win, or the DWPs decision is final.

    Appeal papers having to be sent for oneself first in order to launch the appeal because the DWP no longer send the appeal papers (or inform the appeal service ones appealing) to the tribunal service on ones behalf.

    There’s more…It’s a massive list and I could go on, but still the DWP scum with all their resources and dirty tricks and with everything in their favour can only deny a mere 35 percent of claimants their right to PIP.

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