Unsung Unpaid Carers in Line for Cash Boost : Morning Star

Corbyn pledges more money for caring ‘heroes’

UNPAID carers who look after their family members would be given a £10-a-week benefits boost under a Labour government to bring their payments in line with jobseeker’s allowance.

Around one million “unsung heroes” who care for vulnerable relatives would see their payments rise from £62.70 a week to £73.10 during the first year of Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

He is expected to announce the policy in Birmingham today.

This 17 per cent increase in carer’s allowance would be paid for by scrapping cuts to inheritance tax introduced by the Tories, he is due to say.

Mr Corbyn will argue that carers deserve more because the shoulder extra responsibilities thanks to the Conservatives’ funding squeeze on adult social case — which has also increased demand on the already stretched NHS budget.

“Britain’s social care crisis was made in Downing Street by cutting £4.6 billion from council care budgets,” he will say.

“Millions of unpaid carers have been forced to fill the gap and put under even greater pressure as a result.

“The care they give to the disabled, sick and elderly saves taxpayers £132bn a year.



  1. It’s still not enough, but it’s a start, and a damn sight more than the Tories will ever offer.

    Corbyn has been quite clever. Whilst most of the government have been on holiday, he’s slipped out these policies that appeal to a wide range of the electorate.

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