‘Genuinely scared’: Farage says May’s snap election tactic is to dodge party expenses scandal : RT Question More

‘Genuinely scared’: Farage says May’s snap election tactic is to dodge party expenses scandal

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says PM Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election shows the Conservatives are “genuinely scared” of the “slew of by-elections coming down the pipeline” due to their “massive overspending” in 2015.

During Farage’s LBC radio show on Tuesday, the MEP said he wasn’t “particularly surprised” that May called the early election because she wants to “legitimize her position,” and now makes the most sense to do that given her strong position in the polls, he says.

But more importantly, Farage says, the Conservatives are “genuinely scared” and “desperate to stop the threat” of the “12 to 20” upcoming by-elections as a result of the party’s “massive overspending” during the 2015 general election.

Farage went on to quote Channel 4’s Michael Crick, who claimed the Crown Prosecution Service are considering charges against up to 30 individuals, some sitting members of parliament, who “willfully” broke election spending laws.

The 10-month investigation into the alleged fiddling of expenses in the last nationwide vote is nearing the deadline for police action within two years after the election.

“The logic for holding this election has been there for months, they’ve done it now to avoid embarrassment. That, I think, is there real reason they’ve done it,” said Farage.



  1. Hopefully, this will be their downfall. This has been downplayed by the media, and barely gets a mention. Hopefully the CPS will decide to prosecute the lot of them.

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