Britain’s 13 Million Disabled People Have To Vote Together

Same Difference

Scope, the charity for disabled people, tweeted an interesting number when the general election was announced. There are, it said, 13 million disabled people in Britain. Some 89 per cent have said they will vote. 

The reason that number is worth paying attention to is that if the 89 per cent are true to their word, and if they use their franchise to hold the Government to account for its brutal treatment of disabled people, it might just spell trouble for Theresa May’s dreams of a three-figure majority. 

Now, let me make one thing clear at the outset. I’m not about to say who you should vote for. Journalists too often do that. I would simply invite you to consider the Government’s record when it comes to disability.

If I were to take on the role of prosecuting ministers over that, I would struggle to find somewhere to start. So long would…

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  1. Choose your future, choose Tory.
    Choose a privatised NHS.
    Choose a privatised welfare system.
    Choose no more human rights act.
    Choose no more workers rights.
    Choose low pay and zero hours contracts.
    Choose no more pensions.
    Choose work till you drop.
    Choose a slum landlord.
    Choose homelessness.
    Choose sanctions and being forced to prove you are looking for work while undergoing chemotherapy.
    Choose malnutrition and rickets.
    Choose children going hungry.
    Choose decent education for the rich and mediocrity for the rest.
    Choose foodbanks and degradation.
    Choose a country who count drugs and prostitution in their GDP.
    Choose a country who record what you do and say.
    Choose your future, take the red pill.
    Choose your future, choose Corbyn.
    Choose your future, choose carefully…


    1. If its not, it will be the end of you and me, because the Torags have no room for those who cannot contribute to their increasing wealth. We would be unable to justify our existence as we are simply a drain on their increasing wealth transference policies.
      As Jeff says… Aktion T4 already with us and about to expand beyond our darkest nightmares…


  2. I doubt if there really is as much as 13 Million disabled people in the UK.

    But anyone who is disabled (or any kind of state help) should definitely vote against their local Tory.

    Surprisingly… there are disabled people out there who think the Conservative party are the bees knees, and can’t wait to rush out and get that TRUE BLUE, WAVE THE FLAG AND WET YOUR KNICKERS vote in.

    I’ve heard disabled people saying their fit for work assessment was very fair – even though they got zero points – because the DWP allowed an appeal.

    Some people are just as thick as mince..!!

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      1. This supposed sweetener indicates to me, that they are concerned about the power of the disabled vote.
        What kind of bribe is it that says we are going to take your motability vehicle not now but in six months?
        Then announce it 36hrs after they are supposed to have a ban on ministerial statements.
        Shower of thieving, lying, duplicitous, cheats! Last election and clearly this election already…


  3. Desperate eh ?, absolutely ficken desperate.

    I did say they have absolutely NO shame, nothing embarrasses them. There’s just no depths they wont plumb or sink too.

    Well. we’re coming to the test, and I think the Tories are going to bungle the whole show from now on to June the 8th.

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