Nicola Sturgeon launches withering attack on ‘unelectable’ Jeremy Corbyn : i News

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was accused of peddling "offensive trash" about the UK (Photo: PA)

Nicola Sturgeon has launched a withering attack on Jeremy Corbyn, describing the Labour leader as an “unelectable” politician who has no chance of becoming Prime Minister. The Scottish First Minister spoke out after Mr Corbyn ruled out forming a post-election coalition with the SNP to force the Conservatives out of power.

During First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood, Ms Sturgeon said Labour now had so little support across the UK that such a deal would not be possible as it would not have enough seats.
“You only have to take one look at the polls to know Jeremy Corbyn ain’t going anywhere near Number 10 Downing Street on his own or with the help of anyone else,” Ms Sturgeon said. She insisted that the only way for Scots to ensure that they were protected from Tory policies would be to vote for the SNP, who could provide a strong opposition.

Earlier this week Ms Sturgeon raised the prospect of the SNP forming a “progressive alliance” with Labour and the Liberal Democrats. In an echo of the Tory campaign in 2015, Theresa May later described the potential deal as a “coalition of chaos”. The SNP leader said the prospect of Labour replacing the Tories in the election was “frankly pie in the sky”, adding that the party was “unelectable and utterly useless”. Turkeys voting for Christmas She also compared the sight of Labour MPs backing the Prime Minister’s plan for a snap election in June to turkeys voting for Christmas.


  1. Nicola Sturgeon raises the prospect of a coalition with Labour, gets turned down, then decries them as utterly useless.
    Talking of Turkeys voting for Christmas, the SNP have been paying for Ineos test drilling for fracking.
    Labour has already stated that they will ban fracking if they win the next general election.
    I would be a turkey voting for Christmas if I voted for SNP to facilitate the environmental destruction of my own country…


  2. In Nicola’s constituency she’s allowing rats running around as if they own the place.

    If that’s what she’s doing to them, the people who actually voted her in….I’M WONDERING…WHAT’S SHE FICKEN GOING TO DO TO ME ?.

    Labour for me on the 8th of June.

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