So Crosby’s going to try to use Corbyn’s past against him, eh?


According to a Sky reporter, Tory campaign adviser Lynton Crosby is likely to try to use ‘Corbyn’s past’ against him to turn voters off him.

Bring it on.

crosby independentCrosby’s own past is not without issues. He was alleged by the Daily Mail to have told Boris Johnson not to concentrate his campaign on “f*cking Muslims”, by the Independent of being behind Zac Goldsmith’s shameful mayoral campaign and, according to the Guardian, papers released under the Freedom of Information Act showed that Crosby, while employed by tobacco manufacture Philip Morris, lobbied a Tory peer against the introduction of plain packaging on tobacco products.

PoliticsHome and others also reported that Crosby’s firm was involved in plans, at a time when the NHS was struggling under cuts to NHS and social care funding, to lobby the Cameron government to extend the private healthcare market.

If Crosby intends to target Corbyn’s meetings with…

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  1. Excellent video of Corbyn, who has been on the right side of history all of his career. This should be shown on TV, as a prelude to the party political broadcasts, and in response to the evil Lynton Crosby (I refuse to call him sir)

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