The BBC is EVIL & Corbyn will win a MAJORITY based on Trump’s campaign, his brother says :

THE BBC represent the “globalist” elite is an “evil” organisation who will try to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister, the embattled Labour leader’s brother has declared.

Piers Corbyn said the corporation is not to be trusted and compared his brothers upcoming campaign to that of Donald Trump.

The WeatherAction founder said: “The BBC is evil and they will carry on being evil. At every opportunity they criticise him (Jeremy).

“Why? The BBC have never been so biased against any party leader as now. That is because Jeremy stands for something different.

“Jeremy Corbyn stands against the globalist elitist Establishment and the BBC has been in the past and in the present (part of that).

“If you look at Orgreave (the infamous battle between police and miners) and Hillsborough, they [the BBC] have been involved in cover-ups.

“Look at paedophilia and the cover-up of Jimmy Savile.”

The Prime Minister said she will hold a General Election on June 8 and it has been reported she will not take part in live television debates.

Piers Corbyn does not think this will be a problem for his brother as he will be running a similar campaign to that of President Trump.


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