You probably won’t believe just how biased the BBC’s latest anti-Corbyn attack actually is : Evolve Politics

BBC Reality Check McDonnell Corbyn

The BBC’s Reality Check series – a series purporting to impartially fact-check and debunk claims made by politicians and others in the media — has kicked off the general election in the authentic non-partisan manner we’ve come to expect from the BBC of late. The Beeb have attempted to discredit Labour’s economic credibility using evidence sought only from right-wing neoliberal think tanks headed by ex-Tory cabinet ministers, whilst completely disregarding contrary evidence from truly independent institutions.

One of their recent articles dismissed the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s “claim” that the tax burden has been shifted away from the rich and onto everybody else by using a mishmash of “evidence’ from supposedly independent and non-political think-tanks such as the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) as well as obviously partisan predictions from the Tory government.

The IFS is essentially a neoliberal institution — one which receives donations from a wide range of huge corporations — and is headed by a former Tory cabinet member — yet, the BBC consistently uses information from the IFS as if it is a genuinely independent and impartial organisation — despite the fact that it is clearly biased in the direction of their corporate masters. In the process of doing so, they also fail to look at more independent sources which clearly back up McDonnell’s claim.

The situation perfectly illustrates the institutional right-wing neoliberal bias at the heart of the BBC’s political coverage.

Shortly after Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprise declaration that there will be a snap general election in 6 weeks time —  the BBC’s Reality Check series published this article.


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  1. So it would appear that just like the so-called independent polls and the BBC itself, the IFS is also owned and controlled by the Tories. Who’d of thought it?

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