Tories play down talk of tax rises if they win election : i News

Theresa May on the campaign trail in Maidenhead (Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

The Tories sought to play down suggestions they are planning tax rises should they win the general election – as it was claimed Theresa May and Philip Hammond were split over the issue. The Chancellor as hinted he would like to drop the party’s 2015 manifesto pledge not to put up income tax, VAT or national insurance contributions – saying he needs “flexibility” in managing the economy. Last month he was forced into a Budget U-turn over national insurance for the self employed – deciding not to raise contributions after admitting the plans broke the “spirit” of the manifesto. ‘Tax bombshell’ His latest comments were seized on by Labour, which accused the Tories of planning “a tax bombshell”. The Liberal Democrats suggested a Tory government would punish the “white van man”. However, the Financial Times reported that aides to the Chancellor in Washington DC – where he is attending an IMF meeting – were insisting no decision had been taken on whether to drop the tax pledge. Mrs May said the Tories remained the party of “lower taxes” but refused to repeat the 2015 manifesto promise. At a campaign event on Saturday in Dudley, West Midlands, the Prime Minister said voters faced a choice between “lower taxes under the Conservatives or higher taxes under Labour”. ‘Brexit black hole’ But she would not be drawn on whether the previous commitment under David Cameron not to raise taxes would be included in the party’s manifesto.




  1. For the past couple of days, I’ve had a thought in my head that refuses to go away, and that is that they are deliberately trying to lose the election. I also followed a thread on Facebook yesterday, where someone else voiced the same thoughts, and quite a few agreed, so I’m not on my own.

    For someone who wants to win, Theresa May seems almost indifferent.

    She’s hidden herself away, refusing to meet the public.
    She’s refusing television debates.
    Her and Hammond have come out and more or less confirmed that taxes will be raised after the election.
    She has targetted pensioners, her biggest voters, by indicating she will remove triple lock on pensions.
    She has refused to have the press attend any campaign events, which has resulted in the likes of the Mail & Sun printing adverse headlines against her.

    Either she is the most arrogant woman who assumes no-one would dare vote her out, or she is deliberately trying to throw the election, which would beg the question, why?

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  2. The first week of the UK’s election campaign ended with the unusual sight of senior Conservatives claiming they do not believe the opinion polls and insisting that Theresa May could be heading for defeat.

    With some polls giving the Tories a lead of more than 20 points over Labour the pessimism might seem extraordinary: in fact, the gloom is highly tactical. To win a thumping victory, Mrs May must first scare voters into thinking she could lose.

    “We take no great comfort from our position in the published polls,” said a Tory campaign official. “There is clear historical evidence that the reported Tory lead could actually be non-existent.


    1. I can’t read the article as it’s behind a paywall.

      However, if it’s just a reverse psychology trick, I’ll put my tinfoil hat away for the time being…lol


      1. Sorry about the paywall.
        It really is hard to fathom out what the hell really is going on.
        As you correctly say it is as if May wants to throw the election. The question being why? Something to do with Brexit? Or something bigger that the Tories would rather let Labour take the blame for (economic collapse?)
        Curiouser and curiouser…


  3. Talking about messing around with pensions and raising taxes is an electoral death sentence.

    Maybe they (Tories who are the worst type of cowards) see a massive headache coming with Brexit.

    They are forced to negotiate an exit from Europe she/they don’t even want.
    Doesn’t matter what they do, they just can’t win, and she/they’ll get the blame.

    Why not let Labour and the SNP etc get on with it, they’ll piss off half the country…and at the end take the flak and the blame.

    Either way as far as who gets the blame at the end…I personally don’t care, as long as Corbyn has a chance of running the show for a few years.

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    1. Good one. I never thought of Google cache. (My caffeine levels must be dropping again, darn them.)
      I came across the original article through a VPN so perhaps the paywall is not applicable everywhere?


    1. Have a look at IPvanish, their service is good with a huge range of servers around the world and they have monthly contracts, so no no long term tie ins. Paid in dollars ($10 per month) so monthly prices fluctuate according to exchange rates.
      Currently $10 = £7.80
      Read More…


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