UK ‘at risk from terror attacks’ if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, Tory chairman hints : Express

JEREMY Corbyn does not have what it takes to protect Britain in the event of a terror attack and is “not suitable” to lead the country, the Tory party chairman has suggested.

Sir Patrick McLoughlin launched a scathing attack on the Labour leader as Theresa May’s Conservatives storm to a 20-point lead in opinion polls in the run up to the June 8 General Election.

The former Transport Secretary insisted the Prime Minister is the “most qualified” to protect the country and suggested Mr Corbyn may not be able to make “uncomfortable” national security decisions.


Sir Patrick McLoughlin said Mr Corbyn is ‘not suitable’ to be Prime Minister
He told the Telegraph: “There are decisions which Prime Ministers have to take and those people in authority have to take which are sometimes very uncomfortable.

“If they don’t take them, we’re at danger… I know that with Theresa May, she would take them.

“I’m not sure that Jeremy Corbyn would.”




  1. Absolute rubbish!

    Why would a terrorist attack be more likely? Corbyn has campaigned for peace in the Middle East for over 30 years, surely that should make us less of a risk.

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    1. Cheers Shadow. Corbyn appeared strong and confident there and handled himself very well despite some of Marr’s childishness.
      When will Tes be appearing on the show?


  2. I THOUGHT he was clear enough with his thoughts on “NON-COMBATANT-CIVILIANS” Before engaging on the enemy. Once it had been proved 100% clear it was safe to do so.

    To me that was not avoiding the issue. More than being of open mindedness on the risk to avoid TOTAL CARNAGE.

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