Conservative Party ‘Information Officer’ caught circulating faked Jeremy Corbyn images online : Evolve Politics

Suzan Walsh Conservative Party Fake News

A Conservative Party ‘Information Officer’ has been exposed distributing a widely-shared fake image of Jeremy Corbyn on Facebook in a supposed attempt to embarrass the Labour leader.

The Conservative ‘staffer’, Suzan Walsh, who is also an administrator of the popular Facebook group ‘The Heart of British Politics’, posted the below image of Jeremy Corbyn to the group.

Suzan Walsh Conservative Party Fake News

However, thanks to fantastic investigative work from the independent blog Skwawkbox, it has now emerged that the photo of Jeremy Corbyn is a bona fide fake, with the source of the forgery allegedly emanating from Conservative Party ’employee’, Walsh.

Jeremy Corbyn Real Picture Suzan Walsh Conservative Party

As shown in the image above from the Getty images website, the woman on the doorstep – Leyland resident Catherine Finney – is clearly pumping her fist in a show of solidarity with the Labour leader. However, the image shared by the Tory Party ‘Information Officer’ Ms Walsh, showed the woman sticking two fingers up at Corbyn.





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