‘If I was Chancellor, I would confiscate the homes of the super-rich’, says Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh : Daily Mail.

Irvine Welsh, the novelist, would confiscate the property of the super-rich and redistribute it to everyone else if he were made Chancellor.

The radical thinker and author of Trainspotting says he would like to introduce a universal allowance to enable people to stop working for wages and write poetry, become entrepreneurs or even just blow their cash unwisely.

A universal allowance, he believes, would regenerate the economy and allow the Government to scrap the existing benefits system.

Radical thinker: Irvine Welsh is the author of Trainspotting from the 1990s

Radical thinker: Irvine Welsh is the author of Trainspotting from the 1990s

Welsh, who confesses that in his youth he used to spend every penny he got on alcohol and drugs, still has not got over how much money he made from writing Trainspotting in the 1990s.

He describes the amount he earned from that book as both ‘outrageous’ and ‘disgusting’. All his books, he says, are cash cows, but he hates having loads of money in the bank and prefers to give it away.

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  1. Well that’s got the Daily Mail commenters frothing at the mouth…lol.

    I do believe though, that the rich should not be able to buy up all the land, whilst the rest of us are crammed like sardines into towns and cities.

    I read a good article about the Kinder Scout trespass the other day, the most direct action of ordinary people against the elite, which gave us the right to roam today, a lesson for all of us to stand up and fight for our rights.


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